March 2-9, 2024


7 Nights





per person
double occupancy


Casa Mexicana is a modern resort hotel with Mediterranean-style architecture. It features a profusion of beautiful gardens on the paths to the rooms that help create a gorgeous tropical watercolor It has the largest swimming pool on Cozumel Island and a new private beach club.

The resort includes on-site pools, daily breakfast, a salon and wellness center, and more. This cozy 4-star boutique hotel has an excellent location, centrally located just a few steps from the town pier and downtown shops, and only 10 minutes from the Cozumel airport. Ideal for diving adventures, guests will be treated to personalized attention and first-class service, from check-in to checkout.


Cozumel has some of the clearest blue water in the Caribbean with Marine life abundant in thewarm waters. Cozumel has a unique appeal with drift diving among a three-reef system withdepths as shallow as 25 feet and graduating to depths of over 90 feet with the magnificent walldrop-offs.

Our hosts for this amazing experience is Cozumel Adventures, one of the best operators on the island.  With a private boat and staff dedicated to our group for the entire trip, our itinerary will consist of 4 or 5 days of 3-tank boat dives, including two night dives and an optional blackwater dive.  Flexibility is the key word here, with our choice of pickup times to dive each day, dive sites we wish to visit, daily rinsing and protected gear storage at the dive center, we won’t lack for anything  On one of the days, which we’ll select, we will take the ferry over to Playa on the mainland, and enjoy two utterly amazing cenote dive experiences with the folks from Pasku Dive.

The cenote cavern diving, along with an amazing variety of beautifully decorated cave systems, are located on the mainland. The word “Cenote” is pronounced, say-no-tay and is derived from the Mayan word, “Dzonot” which means sacred well. A combination of various geological events and climate changes created an incredible and unique ecosystem in Mexico’s YucatanPeninsula. These caves and underground rivers were created naturally over 6,500 years ago. Over the past 30 years, experienced scuba divers have explored these caves discovering more than 300 miles of interconnected passageways and caves that make up this amazing one of a kindecosystem. We’ll visit two different cenote systems, with a maximum depth of our cavern dives to be approx. 50’.

All the dives will be led by an experienced cave-certified guide, and escorted by the staff from Cozumel Adventures as well. No current, fresh water and excellent visibility make this a truly unforgettable experience.